DependencyVectors is a Semantic Space model construction program that works on the basis of Dependency Grammar relations. It supports both the MINIPAR and the Clark and Curran dependency parsers. It is written in Java and requires a Java 1.5 runtime environment. (If you need a 1.4 version, write me an email.)


DependencyVectors is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License.


  • V2.6 (March 2013): Support for Spanish/Catalan FreeLing parser
  • V2.5 (October 2010): Bugfixes, refactoring, Clark and Curran parser interface, subjobj basis mapping
  • V2.4a (November 2009): Bugfixes, refactoring, preparations
  • V2.4 (July 2008): Bugfixes, Java 1.5, modular Basis Mapping
  • V2.3 (January 2008): Bugfixes
  • V2.2 (August 2007): More predictable string handling
  • V2.1a (July 2007): Minor bugfix; added sample
  • V2.1 (May 2007): Class interfaces now more consistent and easier to extend
  • V2.0a (August 2005): Minor bugfix -- javadoc failed with Java 1.5
  • V2.0 (December 2004): Reimplementation


Usage is explained in the manual you can download above.


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